Friday, March 8, 2013

Ear nose and throat

Natalie had her second only ear infection back in December and we hadn't been able to kick it, so we made an appointment with the ENT to see what he could do. He recommended that she have tubes put in, her adenoid out and tonsils removed. We scheduled surgery for two weeks after that visit.

Last Thursday we took her in for the procedures. The doctor said that her tonsils were so infected they had abscessed into her throat - we just thought they were big! Her adenoid was so over grown and infected that it was completely blocking her Eustachian tubes, preventing them from draining which is why she couldn't get over the ear infection.

We are so glad it is done and over. It took a while for her to wake up after the procedure, and she had a rough 24 hours, but she was off her pain medicine after a few days and although the doctor said her recovery would be longer and more painful than expected, she doesn't seem to be bothered at all. Her voice has changed-a result of either being able to finally breathe while she is talking or the swelling in her throat.

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