Saturday, July 31, 2010


How quickly I forget to post in this blog. Here is what we have been doing over the past few weeks.

My friend Melinda, her husband Darin and their cute little boy, Kai have been coming over for a swimming party and dinner. We LOVE it when they come over and Natalie and Kai really get along great. The best part about having them come over, it it is so EASY! The kids get along, parents have a great time and we eat outside so we don't worry about what food falls on the floor :)

Here are some cute photos from the last visit:
Who needs a swimsuit?
Splashing and having fun!
Tossing the ball
Letting the water out of the pool
Playing in the sand box and more pool (sans water) time

In other Natalie news, she recently found the stash of winter Accessories and had a great time playing with the hats, gloves, boots and ear warmers. She liked the hat so much she insisted on wearing it to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We also just got a set of family photos taken and decided to curl Natalie's hair. To keep her hands off the curlers while they were drying, our nanny tied a handkerchief around her cute!

And just because she is so darn cute, I thought I would share a few other photos of my sweet girl. Here she is, just after waking up and enjoying some time with one of her favorite stuffed animals, Hot Carl

And last but not least, here are some photos of some quality couch time.

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  1. Hot Carl might be the coolest stuffed animal on the planet, and Natalies winter accessories are darling. Kai loved looking at the pictures of him and Natalie...we love you guys!