Thursday, April 1, 2010


Do you know where that is?

It is in Australia and it is where Phil is right now. We found out Sunday night that he needed to get on a plane on Monday evening! So we prepped my parents for the babysitting that was in their near future. Packed Phil's suit case on Monday afternoon, dropped him at the airport and came home. Put Natalie to bed, then packed my suitcase - because I left for Minnesota Tuesday morning!

Luckily my parents gladly took Natalie for the two nights I was in Minnesota. I got back tonight and just got Natalie to sleep after dinner with the family. We are hoping Phil is home sooner rather than later...especially because I head back to Minnesota in a week!

Phil took the camera with all the photos from my mom's birthday party. So when he returns I'll post the photos.

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  1. Oh my gosh...YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS GOING TO THE COOLEST PLACES...Good for Phil (although a little more notice would have been better). Hope you are doing ok with all the "single parenting". Can't wait to see you at the zoo!