Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have you voted?

This vote might not be as important as the vote you cast in the presidential election; but, that is up for discussion. I’m headed to the Miss USA pageant this weekend and need votes! No, I’m not competing; I’m going to support my dear friend Laura Chukanov, Miss Utah USA! And she needs your vote!

Here is what I need you to do (and spread the word – everyone you know should vote)
  1. Obtain internet access and proceed to
  2. Click on the “Your chance to vote for Miss Photogenic” link
  3. Pick Utah (page 8) and any two other girls, click select after each selection (your selections will appear below the photos)
  4. Once you have selected Utah and two other girls click “submit vote”, enter your name and email and submit.

YEA! You just supported Utah and a very special girl. Laura is not only beautiful on the outside (as you can see from the photos), she is beautiful on the inside. She has such a giving soul, heart and spirit and she is someone who I’m lucky to call a friend.

Now, go vote!

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